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About Kulturezine Comics

Were the Kulture-verse lives

Kulturezine Comics LLC is created and guided by our CEO, Founder Zulu King Shakiji Abdul, is also Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC.   Kulturezine Comics is a Comic and animation Media content creation company along with, being an incubator and aggregator of urban comic books and more content.
Kulturezine Comics will be developing and designing franchises for multi-media platforms. From the vast and volatile fantasy world of Kirabo to the wide-eyed whimsy content for Kids, Kulturezine Comics strives for excellence in our production. We are aided by our vision of Universal Inclusion; our content is that representation in quality and its legacy along with strong storylines, means that origin and legacy matter to us. This will lead to the company’s 1st release “Kirabo: The Gift,” which will be one of the first-ever globally distributed comics with a founding universe character of an African Descent teenage female. The Character will be developed by a full African and African American creative Development team, ranging from Illustrators, authors, and artists to she-heroes, heroes, and captivating and impactful villains, they will all join the project. Some of Kulturezine Comics, other titles which will include other diverse titles like “The Ubar” by Abdul and The Amazing Kultureverse Squad, which is currently in development, also with the rest of the properties waiting in the wings, “Blacmoon”, “Kultureshock” including  " W.I.A" special law In - Human enforcement, and counter-terrorism agency.

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