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Kulurezine Comics Characters

A New Diverse Kultureverse

Here you’ll find a collection of the projects We are illustrating throughout our new Kultureverse Coming, we are Very excited to have the opportunity to craft and develop these diverse ideas, express our own style, as well as collaborate with many talented artists. Inkers, writers, and creators. So please feel free to check out our diverse Kultureverse portfolio below and get in touch with us to learn more.


Kirabo : The Gift

The Gift

Kirabo  AJai is a succubus raised by her faerie aunt Isia, without full knowledge of her history or unusual powers. She was born of an ancient clan from Alkebulan,  Kira grew up believing that her parents were killed in a terrible car accident (she later finds this and a lot of other things to not be true).,

 Her parents, who were in love,  & were forced to leave her. As the offspring of a warlock/shapeshifter father (Dark), and a succubus mother (Light)., Kira embodies both the light and dark worlds. To keep the two sides from clashing as they have done in the past, Kira’s parents decide to hide her birth since it's common knowledge that children of mixed heritage have superpowers. They abandon their beautiful daughter and return to their world.  Isia agrees to hide Kira among the humans where she will be safe. also, she discovers her Bloodline goes back to UGUN.,

OGUN: The God of War & Spirit of Metal and Steel

The God of War and the Spirits of Iron

"The Blacksmith of the Gods" 

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Ogoun “OGUN” Aguni is a young Warrior who was raised to become the God of War, Steel It is said the Lightning flowed from his Blacksmith Hammer as he made weapons for the Gods, as he was also, the Blacksmith to Gods. Ogun is a warrior and a powerful spirit of metalworkrum (Palm wine), and rum-making. He is also known as the "God of iron" and is present in the Yoruba religionHaitian Vodou, and West African Vodun Legend. It is said, he was the creator of the legendary palm wine. In Yoruba religion, Ogun is a primordial orisha in Yoruba Land. In some traditions, he is said to have cleared a path for the other orisha to enter Earth, using a metal axe and Hammer, with the assistance of a dog Beast.  


The Ubar: Legend of The Blood Brothers

Legend and Lore

The Ubar
Mansa“The Ubar” King is a man that was born of a rare Ancient Royal Bloodline, Mansa is of the Bloodline of Mansa Musa (The wealthiest human ever to walk the Earth) and the Grandson of a 60’s Revolutionary Organization Leader. Mansa was born in West Afrika, where his family is still the Royals. Mansa Has the strength of a Pack of grown elephants, the heart of a King, the Loyalty of a bloodhound, and the pride of a King Lion, His father was a leading Robotics developer & his mother is a former undercover agent (for the W.I.A). Tan’I King is currently the Executive Director of W.I.A  (World Intelligence Agency  ). Mansa uses his heritage and Legacy, as well as his training as an Acrobatic Performer and College Athlete, along with his Legacy as a former MMA multi Champion, to help change the world.  Mansa is a playboy by day and a hero at night. The Ubar has a dark view of the world. Mansa uses his athletic, tech education, and wealth to bring about an ever-changing world.

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